Sunday, June 19, 2011
ice cream.

i'm craving for ice cream so badly i lost all my ability to do ANYTHING. seriously, i havent had it this bad since, EVER! maybe i should just jump out and go buy me a tub.

ah, exams are still going on and it's driving me c-r-a-z-y.

see ya!
Sunday, June 5, 2011
electric circuits.
i have been revising my electric circuits since yesterday. i should major in circuits instead of programming. :(

anyways, went to another Trinita match yesterday. we lost. but the boys did so well. :'D they always do. the crazy fans should stop giving them a hard time about losing. come on, man, why don't YOU get on the field and see what it's like to play. such ungrateful bastards.

he flies~

anyways, i might not be able to update as much. exams exams exams!

see ya!
Sunday, May 29, 2011
baby be mine.
it has been raining like crazy for a few days and the typhoon is coming. :( what is it with Japan? earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons are like the main events here. heh.

anyways, i went to Park Place's starbucks to study yesterday and met ISHIDA! he's Oita Trinita FC's goal keeper! pretty. (☆_☆) hehe. i'm a huge Trinita fan. oh and on the 8th of June, Trinita's coach will be coming to our dorm! i'm keeping my fingers cross, hoping that the players will be coming over as well. this is so cool.

oh, and i also went to get my hair done. 3rd time this month. i went for a hair treatment the first time and then my stylist told me my roots needs retouching so i did that the second time and then i went to get my frizz smoothed out. crazy, i know. but it's the rainy season now and if i dont get it done i might go crazy. hehehehe. plus, the guy working there is a good friend. :)

got home and baked chocolate cookies. its really good. like very very Famous Amos good. haha!

i really need to get started with my revision. like, NOW!

see ya!
Thursday, May 26, 2011

20 days till midterms. I have 14 papers to sit for and teachers are giving out reports and assignments that keep us awake all night long just to finish. yes, I'll be the busiest woman on earth. I don't think it's funny. :(

this is harder than alevels. who said Alevels was the toughest step in life! hah! that person must have never been to Japan! well, I'm pretty sure he/she has never been anyway.

I have 4 different circuit papers to sit for; electric, electronic, electromagnetic and digital. 3 different mathematics papers too!

I'll be running around like a crazy headless chicken.

see ya!
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
our love song.
ありったけの愛唄ったラブソングを キミだけの花束にしてきたんだ
キミの未来をオレに預けてよ この手でいつまでも守るから
ずっと 二人で同じ景色を見てたい
世界を止めて今誓うよ 全てをかけてキミを愛していく

ありったけのラブソング - ナオトインティライミ

i have butterflies in my tummy. i can't wait to meet him again. ♥